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About Us

Our ethos for all-national fashion began in 1964 with my love for Silk and the absence of affordable luxury within the industry. That passion has driven our family-run business to grow into a brand that genuinely cares. Creating ageless styles from luxury fabrics designed to fit and flatter, has become the heart of everything we do. It is the unsurpassed style and comfort that comes from our Silk, Cotton, Bamboo, Linen, Wool and Cashmere that have kept loyal customers coming back.

As I watch our London team continue to grow, our philosophy will always remain the same. To make the highest quality investment pieces in timeless styles that make you look and feel fantastic, year after year.

Through our blogs, catalogues, outfit guides and excellent customer care, we are here to guide you into your new style, every step of the way.

From our family to yours, thank you for choosing Patra.

Best wishes,


Our Values

At Patra, we believe in slow fashion that respects the planet and your body. We know those go-to items you can rely on are hard to come by which is why understated style and comfort are at the forefront of every design. It is the timeless elegance behind our pieces that our customers love and it’s about more than just looking good. Our natural fabrics are soft and gentle against your skin with the promise of comfort all day long.

We love pure and natural fabrics. And just like you, we love quality. It’s the elegance and durability behind each piece that make them so worthwhile.

The past 60 years has seen Patra blossom. We now offer a wide range of clothing and accessories, from winter Silk thermals to floaty day dress or even our luxurious underwear and nightwear. There are items to suit everyone. Each season we aim to create fresh, new styles whilst keeping all your favourite qualities. Our passion for hand-crafted and carefully sourced fabric has never wavered, because it is something we truly believe in and we know you do too.

Natural Fabrics

We source and hand select our fabrics with the utmost care and attention to detail. We only work with the finest of natural fabrics and we always have. They are the key to helping you look and feel good with a clear conscience.

Sustainable, Skin kind, biodegradable and hypoallergenic – natural fibres really are a no brainer. Cotton, Silk, Linen, Bamboo and Wool are made from animal or plant based fibres. They’ll decompose naturally and harmlessly and their benefits can’t be compared to synthetics.

The look and feel of silk is one of pure luxury – smooth, soft and blissfully gentle. What’s more it is temperature regulating and also naturally antibacterial, making it perfect for sensitive skin. That’s why our silk range of luxury underwear, accessories and statement fashion pieces are so loved by you. They are items that genuinely feel as good as they look. 

Our Pure Bamboo, Cotton and Jersey mixes make the perfect breathable blend for day long comfort. From elegant jersey dresses and tops that drape beautifully to our gentle towels and facecloths. We know the fabrics you choose are important which is why we only use the best.

As we continue to grow- so do our fabrics. Browse our new Organic Cotton and Bamboo range that use no pesticides and less energy and water. So you can shop guilt free and be kinder to the planet and your skin.

Click the link below to see what we’re doing as a brand to continue to grow towards a greener future.